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Vaillant UK, part of the Vaillant Group, has led the heating industry for over 150 years. 

Continuously setting market standards, Vaillant offers seamless, full system solutions with a strong emphasis on renewable energy development. 

In 2022, Vaillant made history as the first UK boiler manufacturer to launch a heat pump production line at its Belper headquarters, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to fostering a better climate, both indoors and out.

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Kensa Heat Pumps leads the UK's ground source heat pump manufacturing sector and is recognised as a top market player in BSRIA annual reports.

At the forefront of ground source heat pump adoption in large-scale projects and social housing, Kensa Contracting introduces the innovative Networked Heat Pump system. This breakthrough technology enables scalable installations, even in multi-occupancy buildings, leveraging compact 'Shoebox' heat pumps.

Kensa Utilities is revolutionising sustainable heating accessibility. By financing, owning, and managing shared ground loop arrays for heat pump installations, they offer house-builders and social landlords cost-free access to cutting-edge technology, fostering a greener future for all.

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Part of the Calisen Group, Plug Me In is a smart energy provider and enabler of Calisen's mission to bring Smarter Energy to All. Offering smart energy technology solutions, Plug Me In supports businesses, public sector organisations, and homes in the journey towards a cleaner energy future.

Plug Me In's comprehensive solutions encompass clean energy technology selection, installation, and maintenance, across heat pump and EV charging, making the journey straightforward and simple.

Further innovative offerings include no upfront cost options and ongoing 24/7 support across its product range, making heat pumps and EV chargers financially and logistically accessible for businesses of varying sizes.

For further information, please visit www.plugmein.com or, for media enquiries, contact tessa@platform195.com

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Aira is a leading provider in clean energy-tech with 250+ employees in the UK and 700+ globally operating in the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden. Aira offers an all-inclusive plan to electrify heating, enabling customers to access heat pumps with a low monthly fee and with a 15 year comfort guarantee.

In addition to installing clean energy-tech solutions such as heat pumps, insulation, solar and batteries, Aira is expanding the green skills workforce by training and upskilling engineers and plumbers at its UK-based Aira Academies.

Discover more about Aira today: https://www.airahome.com/

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EMS-GRIVORY, a top producer of high-performance polyamides, also comes on board as an Official Partner.

Their polyamides serve various industries like automotive, industrial, consumer goods, electronics, healthcare, optics, and packaging. Specialising in innovative system solutions, EMS-GRIVORY collaborates globally with customers to replace metal for cost and weight savings, and offers unique solutions for high-quality surfaces, designs, and colours.

Visit their website today: https://www.ems-group.com/en/products-markets/products/ems-grivory/

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The GSHPA, a trade association with over 170 members, is dedicated to fostering a robust, sustainable environment for heat pump installations. They advocate for efficient solutions, engage with government bodies, and promote best practices in the industry.

For more information about GSHPA, visit their website today: https://gshp.org.uk

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GeoEnergy Design is an independent HVAC design company, specialising in crafting innovative and efficient heat pump systems. Our expertise extends across a wide spectrum, allowing us to design systems of any size and type, ranging from domestic setups to industrial-scale projects, spanning from kilowatts to megawatts. 

What sets us apart is our impartial and technology-agnostic approach, enabling us to provide independent advice and serve as experts in troubleshooting systems that others may find challenging. 

Our commitment lies in delivering tailored designs that precisely meet the unique needs of each project. In the realm of HVAC solutions, we proudly stand as pioneers in the United Kingdom, setting benchmarks for excellence and innovation in the industry.

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The HPA is the UK’s dedicated voice for the Heat Pump Sector, driving widespread deployment of heat pump technology throughout the UK. Their membership includes the country’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, components, and associated equipment as well as energy companies, certification bodies, installers and training providers. They currently represent over 75 member organisations working in the heat pump sector, with their members representing around 85% of the volume of heat pumps sold in the UK market.

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The Heat Pump Federation lobbies government for long term policy supporting the electrification of heating and cooling. They work to raise awareness, understanding and confidence in heat pump technology across both domestic and commercial sectors, and collaborate with government, industry and consumers to make this a reality.

To find out more about the work they do or for information about becoming a member, visit www.hpf.org.uk or email us at info@hpf.org.uk.

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The Low Carbon Hub is an award-winning social enterprise driving energy solutions that benefit people and the planet. They  develop community-owned renewable energy in Oxfordshire, reinvesting profits into climate action. Partnering with diverse stakeholders, they pioneer innovations like energy efficiency programs and Project LEO, shaping a smarter, fairer energy future.

Find out more on their website: www.lowcarbonhub.org

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MCS sets and enhances standards for low-carbon technologies like heat pumps, solar, biomass, wind, and battery storage. Their mark signifies adherence to industry benchmarks, ensuring quality and promoting confidence in home-grown energy solutions to decarbonise homes.

Find out more here: https://mcscertified.com

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RetrofitWorks is a multi-stakeholder cooperative that is the driving force behind transformation of the domestic retrofit market in the UK. For 10 years it has been a leading light in the creation of models for paying retrofit customers, and drives the only UK model to be self-sustaining for that market - the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire model - hosted alongside local partners, and has built a fantastic reputation for service and quality.

Find out more here:


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The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) drives innovative policies for low-carbon energy futures in the UK. Since 2014, SEA has influenced initiatives like the Home Upgrade Grant and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, leveraging member expertise. By engaging policymakers and providing insights, SEA promotes sustainable energy solutions, benefiting consumers and fostering sector growth with its diverse membership.

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